The Lorberboim Museum

Quality paintings Art Museum.

My Private Museum features one quality art painter endeavor.

Made to display to the public my works.

None of my work is for sale.

As I am interested in the ones you like and love so much and especially those you would like to buy.

Many visitors to my art exhibitions and sites express their desire -“I want to Buy”, which I admit is the ultimate music to my ear. Yes, Even better than Beethoven.

How do we combine those conflicting desires?

So I am now open to any suggestion of lending Facsimile copies of my works, or even whole Exhibition provided fulfilling certain basic self evident terms – like a proper respectable displaying space beside a proper contribution to the general public benefit that spells the high value of the works.

Heavy scale sponsors? You may try this idea –

Museum directors, gallery owners, curators etc. – Think the’re god.    My truth – the world can survive very well and even do better without them…



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