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Lorberboim’s Best Paintings Private Museum

The Private Lorberboim paintings museum is Noncommercial Museum features the Lorberboim outstanding paintings keeping Oldmasters painters Quality, Style, Spirit, Tradition and Agenda

This  Museum is my quest to revive it.

Ant    Vs     Dinosaurs.

Where is the place of desire to draw just for love of it?

  The Lorberboim Museum is not a multi-million establishment but stands out other museums in the world. You are challenged to compare…     But keep in mind the magnitudes of the establishment, resources, funds, media control (and fake news) and manpower on one side.

Opposite side just a painter with Insatiable desire and genuine painting love. So let the quality of works on both sides speak.

And the winner is….  Here you must use your common sense judgement. 

I hear occasionally “I did not study art and don’t understand art – but I love your paintings”, “I want to buy”, “This is Oldmasters Quality”, “Painters’ painter” and more of.  – Alas!                        Art industry, Inventors, Museum directors, Gallery owners, Curators play god and force their agenda – What you have to consider as “good art”…      HHHH  oiy wei.          Not for me!         Other artists? I stand alone.

My works are not for sale!   More at SPONSORSHIP page.               

Your comments and remarks are welcome here.

This Noncommercial Private Museum features my lone quality art painter endeavour.  Established, maintained and presents solely the works of Lorberboim by Lorberboim – but still maintain my endless painting work on numerous new paintings, virtual exhibitions in addition to live nature exhibitions.  On this site, you will find the best selection of my works.

HOME PAGE has my best paintings ever in categories:                                          OIL PAINTINGS –  Figures, Interior, Still life.                                                      SOFT PASTEL paintings – Cats & Tigers, Pandas & monkeys,                                                 Children, Figures, Landscapes, and Sepia Portraits.

EXHIBITION page will lead you to my Virtual Exhibitions and live                                       nature exhibitions site. 

PAINTING STORY will take you to the painting story page on the                                                 other site that tells all about me my work and life. 



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